Unlock More Financial Peace of Mind While Building Your Wealth Faster, Safer, and With More Certainty

Make the financial system work for you and discover how to exponentially increase your passive income. This 3 Day Workshop teaches how you can achieve your financial goals in record time!

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Step One:
Find Favor in the Financial System

Understand the financial system on a deeper level so that you can make it work in your favor to help you exponentially build your wealth.

Step Two:
Amplify Your Passive Income

Learn the non-conventional investing strategies that help ambitious hard working people amplify their passive income in record time.

Step Three:
Build Wealth with a
Finance-First Approach

Implement a proven process that decreases your financial stress and helps you achieve your financial goals faster, safer, and with more certainty.

Financial Peace of Mind Is Just One Click Away...

Discover the #1 Key You Are Missing in Your Wealth Building Journey

Have you ever felt like you have lived in a financial maze and you just want the shortcut to your financial goals...a decade ago? Are you tired of struggling to build wealth, feeling like there's a missing piece in your financial puzzle, the one that would help you achieve your passive income goals faster than anything else you've tried before?

It's time to exponentially increase your passive income and your confidence in knowing WHEN and HOW you are going to achieve your financial goals! Learn how three powerful levers can turn the financial system in your favor, and without them, your chances of achieving your financial goals are slim, but there is hope...

Imagine achieving incredible financial results without the additional risks of being dependent on real estate or traditional investments that are heavily dependent on the market.

Unveil the secrets straight from the playbook of the banking industry, and walk through, step by step, how you can implement the process and make your money work for you. Achieve this without risky investments, or becoming an asset domain expert–avoid spending the time equivalent to a second job to learn about a new asset– and instead, implement the necessary financial strategies that give you the results you've been after for years.

It's time to get transparent financial education and learn how to get the financial system working in your favor. Join us as we unveil the strategies that will revolutionize how you build wealth for generations to come.

Learn how non-conventional investing strategies can help you achieve financial freedom without taking on more risky investments, or focusing on real estate, and without being at the mercy of the market.

The Wealth Journey Workshop Will Help You
Move Financially Further and Faster...

Shine a light of truth on the current financial system so that you can understand why non-conventional investing is the only way to achieve your future financial goals. Learn how to implement a proven path to create success in your personal finance so that you can build wealth exponentially faster.

Before The Workshop

  • Overwhelmed with the desire for more financial certainty and to get better results from the amount of work you're putting in​
  • ​Feeling stuck with a lack of clarity on ​where to invest your resources​ so that you can exponentially grow your money faster, with safer investments than what you've tried before
  • Questioning if your current investments will produce enough passive income in the future to support your desired lifestyle​​
  • Worried and stressed about your financial responsibilities to take care of those you love in the future, as you work hard to build generational wealth that will outlast you​​

After The Workshop

  • ​Enlightened by how to grow your money faster, safer, and with more certainty​ than anything else you have ever tried before​
  • More active and enjoyable role leading your finances with confidence ​while becoming the person who creates a strong financial foundation that helps save the next generation from financial hardships that you have had to overcome
  • Be the hero of your very own wealth journey–it's going to be epic 
  • ​Be able to breathe easier with a newfound sense of financial peace of mind that emerges from liberating transparent financial education​​
  • Renewed financial clarity, confidence and more certainty in making better decisions so that every dollar in your life is optimized to move you closer to achieving your personal financial goals​​​​​​
  • ​Understand transparent financial knowledge with your loved ones so that they know how to build and maintain wealth for generations to come

Unlock Your Wealth Potential With the Power of Financial Transparency Like Never Before

day one

The Secret Formula: Overcome the #1 Challenge In Building Wealth

Receive clarity resulting from transparent financial education that answers the question you have had for years, but haven't quite been able to put your finger on and pinpoint–until now. Discover the hidden financial problem that's been holding you back–without your awareness. You will gain super-awareness of this mathematically based financial challenge and learn how to turn the financial system to work in your favor.

  • The Secret Formula used to determine the success or failure of your financial investments and how to get on the "receiving side" for passive income
  • ​Become better equipped to play the financial game that you didn't even know you were in the midst of–have a seat at the table
  • ​Three smart levers to break through the constraints of the current financial system

day TWO

Close Your Financial Gap: Build Sustainable Lifestyle Income

Navigate the financial system and learn how to get it working in your favor so that it helps you build your wealth–not dwindle it down, even when you think you're moving forward. Turn the financial tides in your favor by playing the financial game with non-conventional investing strategies that the wealthiest people and institutions use.

  • ​Paradigm shift that will help you unlock the hidden world of finance that most people spend their lives being on the outside looking into–but not you, not anymore
  • ​The non-conventional and most beneficial way to structure a home mortgage to grow your current and future wealth
  • ​Learn to wield the power of an Inflation Shield ​to better protect your "purchasing power" now and in the future so that you do not move backwards financially as time marches on​​


Personalized Financial Road Map: Achieve Your Ultimate Financial Goal This Decade 

A dream is just a goal without a plan, and Fynanc is all about helping you create a personalized, step by step, methodical, strategic plan that results in more certainty and financial peace of mind. It's time to leverage the power of technology to reach your financial destination and step into the liberating future of wealth building.

  • Strategic Framework that serves as your keystone to building wealth while navigating the financial system to not only protect, but grow your wealth exponentially
  • ​Advanced investing strategies to legally turn the financial system to work in your favor so that you can build wealth-just like the wealthiest individuals and institutions do
  • ​Real-life examples of how ambitious people are transforming their finances to create tangible financial freedom-with a calculated date of achievement.

Embrace Your Future With More Financial Certainty!

Here’s Everything You're GETTING WHEN YOU REGISTER

Wealth Journey Workshop

  • Clarity around your money resulting from transparent financial education that answers the question you have had for years, but haven't quite been able to put your finger on and pinpoint–until now
  • Revealed Secret Formula that puts into perspective why it is so hard and takes so long to build passive income the traditional way and how you can overcome it
  • Paradigm shift that holds the key to unlocking your wealth potential by leveraging the advanced money strategies that the banks use
  • Non-conventional investment strategies that do not require you to become an asset specific domain expert
  • Ability to create financial results faster, involving less risky investments, without being at the mercy of the market
  • ​​Inflation Shield to protect your money now and in the future from the full negative impact of inflation
  • ​Revolutionary path to build sustainable lifestyle income and generational wealth that will outlast you
  • Financial Roadmap for how to achieve your personal financial goals faster, safer, and with more certainty​​

Meet the Expert

FYNANC's journey began when an undoubtable truth revealed itself. The vast majority of people investing today are using conventional strategies, ones that are mathematically proven to ensure they may never actually reach their goals. While a Lead Software Developer at Intuit, our Founder, George Antone, discovered this startling truth in the secret formula within the code. Finding this needle in a haystack, within a sea of personal finance software code, was life-altering.

This profound revelation wasn't only shocking; it was an immediate call to action. It became a courageous mission to help people break the cycle and secure their finances. George surrendered the next decade of his life to meticulous research, and dedicated his time to diving deep into financial systems and strategies. He was determined to figure out what could be done to achieve financial freedom and have enough after a lifetime of work. He committed his life to find a way to break through the constraints of conventional investing methods and create a solution that was anchored in the foundation of mathematics.

In order to even begin building true wealth, George discovered that everyone has a unique financial threshold they must surpass annually. This number needs to be understood and used efficiently. Once optimized, it can significantly increase the chances of you reaching your financial goals by unlocking the door to true wealth.

To avoid spending a lifetime of working hard and forging the wrong path, financial redirection is necessary. This fueled George to create a Financial GPS (Guided Prosperity System), to help individuals achieve their financial goals faster, safer, and with more certainty.

Since 2006, George and the FYNANC team have become mentors to tens of thousands of students, and have helped them understand their unique financial blueprint. Today, FYNANC stands as a beacon of hope that guides and empowers individuals through this new paradigm of intelligent wealth building.


Fynanc is REAL financial education that uses proven banking concepts to get you to your financial goals faster, safer, and with less stress than traditional methods of investing.


Takes away the guesswork and teaches you how to use the money you already have to create generational wealth. These concepts are taught in a way that we can pass the knowledge on to our children.


Fynanc gave me control over my assets. I'm not reliant on the stock market or on inflation.


It put me at ease and gave me peace of mind and made it easy for me to understand that it wasn't about the asset but about how you finance and structure things.


I finally found somewhere to not only learn good financial principles but also help in applying them in real life. I finally am allowed into the room where financial truths are spoken.


It flips the financial system on its ear and gives you the power to get that behemoth working for you instead of against you...pulls back the veil on what we all were taught was the right way to handle our finances...Fynanc gets you locked into the best way to grow and retain your wealth.


Discover a New Financial Reality

Our Unbeatable Money-Back Guarantee

What if one event could revolutionize your financial future? It's not just a possibility; it's a promise. Join us and unlock a world of possibilities with our risk-free investment guarantee. We understand the frustrations of navigating the financial system. That's why we're confident in the life-changing insights you'll gain in just three days.

​Attend all three days of our workshop, and if you're not blown away by the transformative information, simply request a refund. No questions asked. Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We guarantee satisfaction because we've witnessed the incredible impact our event has had on countless lives. Take the leap today, risk-free, and embark on a journey towards financial empowerment.

Your Questions Answered

What, if anything, is required before the event?

Please be sure you have signed your 2024 Fynanc event disclaimer via electronic signature. Email support@fynanc.com for assistance. All attendees must have a 2024 event disclaimer on file for event admittance.

Is there any preparation work for the event?

Yes, we ask that you please read the book, The Income Amplifier and Passive Income article located in the Start Here section above.

Can I share the Zoom link with my friends and family?

No, we ask that you do not share the event details with anyone; every attendee must be registered with a paid ticket and signed event disclaimer by 4 pm PST on Tuesday 6/4/2024. If you would like to invite your friends and family please email support@fynanc.com right away!

Is there an event agenda?

We do not provide an exact event agenda; our events are very fluid, and the flow is largely dependent upon the questions and student engagement/interaction.

What are the event times?

Daily check in is at 8:30 AM PT.
Day 1: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PT
Day 2: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PT
Day 3: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM PT
(approximate end times)

What if I need to step away at any time during the event?

We understand; things happen, and you may need to step “out of class”. Please just exit quietly and when you are able just return via Zoom. The support team will admit you back into Zoom as soon as they see you. Keep in mind if you come back during a break time you may be in the waiting room a little longer for re-entry.

What if I need to step away at any time during the event?

Yes, we ask that you do please turn on your camera for the event. It is so great for us to see you and connect; and you will meet many other community members who will love to see you too!

Will there be a recording of the 3-day event available?

No, there is no recording of the event given out or provided at all.

Can I ask questions during the event?

Yes, in fact please do! We love questions and believe your engagement is critical to your success in the event. Please do ask; not in chat but raise hand and ask for benefit of all!

How do I ask questions during the event?

Please use the hand raise feature of Zoom; found in the reaction tab of zoom at the bottom of your screen. You can also use ALT + Y to raise your hand in zoom on a PC; and Opt +Y on a MAC system. Please do not just “yell out” in class; use the hand raise feature of Zoom!